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About Us

When we started Angels with Blue Jeans, Inc. (AWBJ) in 2006, we set out to create a company that embodied a conviction that we’re all better off when we take the time to help our fellow man. We’ve spent the past six years building an organization whose economic value was rooted in community, collaboration, and mutual benefit.

We have spent time working with our neighborhood companies, schools and churches. We get many phone inquiries nation wide, sadly we are unable to help those outside of our service area.

We have collaborated with large corporate developers to help beautify our community by planting 300 Velencia Orange Trees. Worked together with local Chamber of Commerces to help raise money for other very important causes and assisted local cancer patients by helping with transportation and a way to communicate while in chemotherapy treatment.

AWBJ loves to give time to nonprofits that are working to improve our local community. We have a preference for service organizations (food pantries, women’s shelters), but will also support educational, environmental, and arts organizations as well.

Who we are?

We are Angels with Blue Jeans, Inc. (AWBJ) a Non Profit (501c3 Tax Exempt) Organization Headquartered and servicing San Gabriel Valley/Los Angeles County since 2006.

What do we do? (We help people)

Being told there is no hope, no resources is difficult to accept. What we hope to achieve is to work for a cure, provide support services, and hope for future patients diagnosed with cancer are greeted with the news that there is a cure. We believe our goal is achievable.

AWBJ will assist those who are struggling with a diagnosis of a terminal illness (and those who are at the end of life’s journey).