About Us

When we started Angels with Blue Jeans, Inc. (AWBJ) in 2006,

we set out to create a company that embodied a conviction that we’re all better off when we take the time to help our fellow man. We’ve spent the past years building an organization whose economic value was rooted in community, collaboration, and mutual benefit.

We have spent time working with our neighborhood companies, schools and churches. We get many phone inquiries nation wide, sadly we are unable to help those outside of our service area. We have collaborated with large corporate developers to help More...


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Community is Our Business

Angels with Blue Jeans, Inc. (AWBJ) Is a local 501(c)3 non profit working to provide cancer support services in La Puente, California (San Gabriel Valley). AWBJ will continually work with the community to enhance the lives of those in need. We are working hard to provide and improve programs to help our community.


Our Wonderful Programs

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Angels with Blue Jeans, Inc. (AWBJ) is a community-based organization helping the neighborhoods with programs that assist, enlighten and empower.


Angels with Blue Jeans

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A Wish Away Program

“Help is A Wish Away” The A Wish Away Cancer Program's focus is on providing those who are struggling with a diagnosis of a terminal illness and those who are at the end of life’s journey with a sense of resolution and completion.

Eleonora's Cure Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention

Eleonora's is an effort to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on symptoms and treatment.

The Animal Rescued Support Program

is a community based program. The Program will aggressively assist animal rescue and shelter within the San Gabriel Valley/Los Angeles County by providing needed supplies and support

Veteran's Assistance Program

Angels with Blue Jeans (AWBJ) provides support to Veterans and their families in San Gabriel Valley/Los Angeles County, who needs help both physically and emotionally.

Native American Program

Angels with Blue Jeans (AWBJ) provides support to Native American that need neccesities. (glasses, braces, etc...)

Cancer Support Resources

We have a comprehensive listing of resources to assist you and help you find the services you need.

Angels Would Love To Here From You

Email us and say hello and tells us whats on your mind.